Magical Tattoos

How Tattoos Work

You can only have up to 3 magical tattoos on you. 
Any more than that is too dangerous and reputable tattoo artists won’t do it.

many tattoos have active abilities you can use on command.
once used it needs time to heal before you can use it again. Typically a long rest will heal the tattoo.

some tattoos have passive bonuses as well.
TattooRarityPriceMin Level
Non-magical TattoosCommon2g-50g0
Illuminator’s TattooCommon125g0
Palm Link TattooCommon125g0
Flame Weapon TattooUncommon375g3
Dark Grasp TattooUncommon375g3
Elemental Resist TattooUncommon375g3
Psychic Barrier TattooUncommon375g3
Shadowstep TattooRare1,125g5
10 Fist TattooRare1,125g5
Deadeye TattooRare1,125g5
Clockwork TattooRare1,125g5
Earthshatter TattooRare1,125g5